The world we enter in our dreams at night is where we process the impressions of what we do, think and experience by day. There a tale builds that can not actually be put into words but it becomes visible in elusive images.

A similar dream-world can be experienced in my works. In this constructed world of bright colored figures are seen occupying themselves with something that completely absorbs them. Or they might be absorbed in dreamy idleness. The environment in which they are located is very recognisable, or very strange, full of plants or animals for example. Small and large alongside each other. Spaces and architecture are defining elements. The game of patterns, measurements and scale results in the combination of images and associations that heightens the alienation. All these images full of stories come together in collages that are made with pictures collected over the years.

In the making photography, scanning, computer manipulation, cutting, gluing, drawing and painting is used. These collages can be the end-product but can also be worked on again. For example with embroidery or paint. Or they are the starting point for a painting, a drawing or printmaking in which the image can be enhanced with the materials en techniques used. Then, beside the game with the visual elements, the materials used will play a role and the layering in the image increases even more.